Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and with everything that’s going on gift shopping may be the last thing on your mind. Additionally, you may not be able to spend much money on gifts at this time. This year will be extra special for me because I’ve really grown to appreciate and be thankful for the moments I am able to spend celebrating with my family. We’ve had to stay apart longer than usual, and we’re also going through some personal pains, so every celebration, big or small, has taken a new tone and a new meaning.

This is my list of Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom’s that love to garden.

California Red Poppy SeedsĀ $10.99

I love all California poppies, and the red looks so vibrant and beautiful, also you see them so rarely that it’s quickly become one of my favorite wild flowers to add to my garden.


Poppy Seeds $2.99

Poppy seeds are also a wonderful option. They are beautiful and will likely drop and germinate seeds that will grow year after year. My mom has a bunch in her front yard and they’ve continued to come back a few years after she first planted them. If you order with enough time, you can start the seeds at home and gift them already started and ready to plant.


If you have a slightly bigger budget, I would suggest a unique bird feeder. This one from Etsy is beautiful. If it doesn’t suit your style, you can find a variety of options from other sellers.

Handmade Egg Shaped Bird Feeder $130


Forget the traditional “mom” shirts and instead pick one that is along her interest. Does she love succulents? Maybe she enjoys tending her fruit and veggie garden. Here are a couple of options that any garden lover would wear with pride.

Pot Head T-shirt $20


Strawberry Shirt $23.00


Gardening has become an area of pride for me. We recently moved from a condo to a house and we have a significant backyard. When we moved in the yard was completely bare. While we still have a lot work to do, I am proud to say that our yard now includes a small veggie garden, a berry patch, over 10 fruit trees and a succulent garden. All of it is in early stages, but I love seeing our garden bloom and grow. I’m now at a point where I’d like to add a little flair to my garden with garden markers. Below are a few of my favorite picks from Etsy.

Ceramic Garden Markers $7.00 each


Copper Garden Markers $12.00 each


I never thought of myself as a person to add pinwheels to my garden, but I’ve found myself searching for just the right one since I saw how amazed my son was when seeing them around the neighborhood. Now I see them as a nice way to add a pop of color to the garden. I love the traditional style of the one below.

4 Rainbow Pinwheels $15.00


Lastly, no garden would be complete without the appropriate garden signage. In our family, we’ve discussed the names we would give each sections of our garden. For example, mine is Barbara’s Little Acre. No, our house is not on acreage, but I’ve always joked that I’d start a small nursery and that’s what I would call it. When our garden is in a more complete state, we are definitely adding signage for our individual sections. Here are a few of the ideas I have scoped out.

Metal Garden Sign $45.00


Metal Garden Stake $45.00


Whatever you chose, if you decide to feed your mom addiction for her garden, I am sure she will appreciate it. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!

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