Buying flowers from a florist is not something I can afford on a regular basis, but this doesn’t mean I don’t want my flowers to look like they came from a florist. I find that I can create beautiful flower bouquets that look like they came from a florist if I follow a two rules.

  1. use a nice vase
  2. keep the arrangement simple

That’s it! You just need a nice vase and two types of flowers, and you can create your own DIY flower arrangement at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re trying to save money, it’s probably best not to buy an expensive vase, so I suggest looking for vases at TJMaxx, JoAnne Fabrics, and Michaels. I usually spend between $5-$10 on a vase, and anywhere between $10-$20 on the flowers. I also try to find the flowers that are most fresh by buying them at the farmers market.

When I pick flowers, I chose one bouquet of small filling flowers/greenery and one bouquet of larger flowers that will be the main attraction. For example, roses, sun flowers, and peonies would standout in the bouquet. Whereas, babies breath and feverfew daisies would be greenery.

Recently, I created two different DIY flower arrangements using the same vase.

For the first bouquet I used tulips and feverfew daisies.

Simple DIY Flower Arrangement for Spring / Easter

I start by trimming the flowers to the vase and then laying them out in layers.

Then I place them in the vase and tweak as I need. As you can see, I trimmed a couple of tulips to be a little shorter in the front. That’s it, it’s that simple.

Here is my second DIY flower bouquet.

Easy DIY Flower ArrangementElegant DIY Flower Arrangement

I really enjoy making my own flower bouquets, and there are times when I add a variety flowers. However, most of the time I use only one or two types of flowers because I find the simple bouquets to be more beautiful.

This is a great way to get started if you want to give a diy flower bouquet a try.

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