Finding eco-friendly diapers wasn’t the easiest thing for me. I felt lost reading reviews for so many options, and I was left unsure of which diapers to try. At the end, I think it was just a gamble because I am a first time mom, and no one I knew used natural diapers.

The first diapers I tried were Eco by Naty. They were redesigned recently, and I think diaper performance improved. I noticed they were more light weight and softer than they had been previously. They also improved their sticky flaps to stay better. With their previous design the flaps would break off while I was trying to diaper my baby.  Naty diapers kept dry overnight, we never had any pee leaks. The problem was that they couldn’t handle #2s. At first,  I wasn’t sure if it was the diapers or our baby, but I wasted a lot of onesies due to this design flaw. Even with the leak issues I was having, I probably would stayed with Naty if not for the obnoxious shipping experience. We order to the US and it takes about a week and a half (if not more) to receive them. Then there were a few order mistakes like missing diapers and undelivered orders, and to handle customer service issues, they refer you to their Facebook page. huh? By about 4 months we’d had enough and dumped (pun intended) Naty for diapers we could order through Amazon.

Liked: cute diaper designs, light weight, good overnight pee protection

Disliked: constant poo leaks, breaking lock tabs, horrible customer service, and long ship times.

When we moved on from Naty, we decided to try Eco Boom. The very first time we used one of their diapers we had a big poo explosion in the car right as we were arriving at a restaurant for lunch, so it wasn’t a very good start. I’m happy to report that after miss-hap we didn’t have many other poo accidents. Strangely, Eco Boom held #2 very well, but they really couldn’t hold overnight pee. My son’s PJs were wet very frequently. To the point that I started wondering if I was somehow over feeding him at night. I was very confused because the diaper felt lighter than the Naty diaper, and yet my son would wake up in the morning with the side of his pajamas wet.

I liked that I was able to order them on Amazon and they were delivered next day, and they are a few cents per diaper cheaper than Naty. However, I decided to try another brand to see if I could find a diaper that offered better overnight protection.

Liked: price, next day amazon shipping

Disliked: pee leaks, plain diapers without designs

The last diaper we tried, and the diapers we have stuck with are Andy Pandy.  To date, we’ve gone through more than 85 diapers and we’ve had one minor poo leak. At first glance you can’t tell these diapers apart from the Eco Boom diapers.  I thought the diapers were the exact same!

I had to do a close side by side inspection to try and spot the differences. They are a little different. For example, the Andy Pandy diaper is a little bit longer. The biggest difference is the fit. I just felt that the Andy Pandy diaper wrapped around his bum a little better since the first time I put it on. The tabs haven’t ripped, and they hold overnight pee really well (up to 14 hrs in our case).

My babies diaper used to bulge making them always look full, but the Andy Pandy diaper doesn’t bulge and feels like it’s a much better fit.

Like: fit, no leaks, free shipping on Amazon

Dislike: boring design

I hope this is helpful! Happy diapering. 😉

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