Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and no doubt she’s itching to see what romantic gesture she will receive.

My husband and I have not celebrated Valentine’s Day with a traditional dinner and roses because they tend to be SO expensive on that day. Instead, we’ve opted to create our own tradition. We’re fortunate to live near Napa Valley, so whatever weekend is closest to Valentine’s Day, we head to Napa and enjoy a picnic and wine tasting. On actual Valentine’s Day we cook a nice dinner together, light candles and pop a bottle of bubbly.

It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a big way, a small way, a traditional way or in your own unique way. What matters is that you take time to share a moment with those you love most.

If you’ve left gifting to the las minute,

Here are a few last minute gift ideas for her this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s start with Tiffany’s. No explanation needed.

Paloma’s Graffiti collection from Tiffany’s is beautiful, and it features necklaces, rings, and earrings with words like Forever, Amour, Love, and Kiss. I love this collection for Valentine’s Day gifts, and it starts at $165.

No boyfriend/girlfriend? No problem! I’m sure your bestie wouldn’t mind receiving it.

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Next on my list of unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her are these are dainty ring bands. The one featured below is 1mm in width and it is from Shane Co.

Shane Co. sells them in rose, white, and yellow gold. I’m bias on this idea because I have one in each color, and I love them. They look great on their own, but I love having one in each color. They also look good stacked. Their price is also great at just $95 each.

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Alas, maybe jewelry isn’t her thing.  Show that you care with a romantic gesture instead. I’m picturing a key to your place hanging from this personalized copper keychain. I know! I know! Valentine’s Day gets me dreaming of romantic gestures.

Memorialize your special date with this keychain from Etsy for  $18.67

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You know I can’t digress from jewelry for too long. Especially since I found these dainty earrings made from Herkimer Diamonds. Herkimer diamonds are not real diamonds. They are double-terminated quartz crystals in dolostone. They are found in and around Herkimer County, New York and the Mohawk River Valley.

This pair of Herkimer Diamond stud earrings from Etsy cost only $28.00

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Go figure the most expensive item on this list isn’t jewelry. Is she a Disney fan? Then you better believe she’ll love this Valentine’s Day gift idea. This is a preserved Beauty and the Beast Rose.

Preserved roses are real roses that have been treated to last about a year (until the next Valentine’s Day). The one below is from The Only Roses, according to their website, “they  are hand-picked at peak freshness from the mountains of Ecuador, where the world’s best roses are grown…” and,”Each and every rose is 100% natural and free of toxic chemicals or pesticides”.

This token of your love isn’t cheap, but honestly, it’s super cool. $269

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Above all, I hope you give and receive love this Valentine’s Day.



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