Did you know that some jewelry stores offer diamond classes to help educate buyers on how to identify diamond quality? Anyone can learn all about clarity, color, and cut as well as how to identify these features in a diamond. For a quick crash course, check out this quick guide from Shane Co.

According to diamond provider IDEX engagement ring purchases increase dramatically during the holiday season. Getting cozy gets people in the mood for popping more than just champagne.  Get ready because the next engaged person might be you.


From the ring purchase to the actual proposal, it’s likely the moment has been given a lot of thought. It doesn’t matter if the proposal is elaborate simple, as they say, the devil is in the details. I hadn’t given the ring box a lot of thought until I bumped into a beautiful box while browsing etsy. Then I realized that in the moment a proposal happens, the person being proposed to is looking directly at the ring, and a ring box can make a sparkler look extra special.

Below are five of the best engagement ring boxes for when you “pop” the question.

Featured engagement ring box styles include: velvet, wooden, agate, and glass.


Velvet Engagement Ring Box

The velvet box is a vintage engagement ring box style. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors (think pink hearts and blue ovals). You can choose the color and style that best suits the ring. For example, if you purchased a pear cut, maybe you’d consider a blue oval.

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Glass Engagement Ring Box

Popping the question on the beach? Consider this mini glass ring box! It’s clear so you can fill it with sand, sea shells, moss or other natural elements. They also make them in a variety of styles. A box like this will be a keeper for a long time to come.

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Wooden Heart Engagement Ring Box

Not all boxes have to be straight forward. Sometimes finding the ring is part of the fun! This wooden heart ring box opens down the center to reveal the ring.

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Wooden Mountain Engagement Ring Box

I can’t think of a better ring box for someone who loves being outdoors. When you open the box, the edges reveal a mountain scape.

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Geode Engagement Ring Box

I’m not sure what will be more beautiful your ring or this geode ring box.

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The second option is to use this type of ring box during your wedding ceremony. Forget the tiny pillows, and go for something that fits your wedding style and wedding colors.

I hope you find something you truly love. Share your story by tagging @happygiftcompany on instagram.

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