Last Minute Gifts that Don’t Seem Last Minute

There is one person who is notoriously difficult to shop for – the person who has everything. The best way to surprise someone who has everything is to gift them something practical. By that I mean, the best gift for someone who has everything is a gift that they can use.

We’ve put together a list of 10 gifts for the person who has everything.  Our list offers unique ideas that won’t break the bank with gifts that start at $55. 

      1. Honey Flight  – For as little as $55 you can gift someone a special “holiday” edition honey flight from Bee Raw. This flight includes: Georgia Holly Blossom Honey, 10.5 oz jar; California Wild Black Sage Honey, 10.5 oz jar; Colorado Star Thistle Honey, 10.5 oz jar. Other favorites from Bee Raw include “Rare & Raw” & “Fruity…”

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        Honey Flight Holiday Gift
      2. Experience from Cloud 9 Living – Cloud 9 Living offers over 2,000 experiences across the country. From hang-gliding to weekend getaways, you can find gifts for every person on your list at every budget level.

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        red hot air balloon
      3. Driving Lesson – I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t your typical driving lesson. Stick shift driving lessons can be a lot of fun, and companies like Shift Bay Area in California can teach someone this new skill in as little as a couple of hours. The avid traveler will appreciate this gift since most rental companies outside of the US only offer manual transmission cars. 

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        car interior
      4. Cooking Class-Cooking classes are surprisingly fun. Especially when the chef keeps wine flowing. Local high end markets like Draeger’s, as well as a few Whole Foods locations hold cooking classes on a regular basis.person pouring seasonings on raw meats
      5. Cirque du Soleil Experience – Cirque du Soleil has different performances launching on a regular basis, and they offer gift cards! Even if the person you are gifting has already attended a performance, they can attend a different show and have a completely experience.

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        cirque du soleil gift card
      6. Champagne – Who doesn’t love a little bubbly? There is nothing like Champagne to make you feel like you’re celebrating, and when it’s a “nicer” bottle, then you feel even more special. If you’re looking for a last minute gift this holiday season, stop by your local BevMo and check out their selection of bubbly. 

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        man holding filled champagne
      7. Ancestry Heritage Kit – Help a loved one discover their genealogy, ancestry, and more with a kit from During the holidays you can purchase a kit for as little as $59.

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        ancestry dna kit
      8. Airbnb Gift Card – If you think AirBnB is just for renting houses, you’ve been missing out. AirBnB now offers experiences, hotel stays, glamping, and more! Gift someone the opportunity to discover a new perspective with a gift card. Experiences can cost as little as $30 per person.

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        landscape photography of orange market
      9. Spa Experience – I can never have too many credits to my favorite spa. This is an item that is always on my list as a “when in doubt”. All I can say is, when in doubt, this will always make a great romantic bath candlelight
      10. Museum MembershipMuseums change exhibits constantly, but its no affordable to pay full entrance price each time, and that is why a membership is such a great gift. Some memberships allow the holder to bring a +1 each time they visit, so you could get lucky and be able to attend a few times building grass architecture


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