Sometimes the best gift is to support the causes of your loved ones in their name. This year, it seems, there has been a spotlight on climate change and its effects. So, if you have a loved one that is passionate about the outdoors, or has been vocal about climate change, consider gifting to these non-profits in their name.

Non-profit organizations you can feel good about supporting.

The Climate Reality Project – Founded by former Vice President Al Gore, the Climate Reality Project is an organization dedicated turning climate change awareness into action. Commit to $10 a month and receive a green pin, a symbol of your commitment to making a difference.

1% for the Planet – Works with businesses that are interested in making a financial commitment to environmental nonprofits. Meaning that when you purchase something with this symbol, your are supporting businesses that support the planet. There are some big name supporters to chose from, for example: Kleen Kanteen, Patagonia, Coyuchi, and ENO are a few of more than 1,000 brands that partner with 1% for the Planet. Alternatively, you can gift something from their gift shop, or make a personal donation to 1% for the Planet.

The Ocean Clean up Project – Founded in 2013 by a Boyan Slant at the age of 18, the Ocean Clean up Project is on a mission to cleanup the worlds oceans. Having raised over 30 million dollars, the project kicked off in 2018 and already found they had under estimated the level of damage to our oceans. Their goal is to cleanup the worlds oceans by 2050, and they need our help to do it.

Give the gift of a better future by choosing from one of these non-profits for your next gift.

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