I love everything about the Holidays. Cooking, decorating, cocktailing, shopping, and gifting. One of my favorite holiday activities is gift wrapping. It’s always very exciting to open a beautifully wrapped gift!

This year, I want my gift wrap to be extra, and to look for inspiration I went to the most extra place on the internet, Instagram! Instagram is the place I go to for inspiration since I can find beautiful images of just about anything I am looking for.

Understandably, Instagram can be a very cluttered place too, and while I love looking through thousands of images, you might not have the time. Therefore; I have done all of the work for you.

I’ve browsed thousands of Instagram posts looking for unique ways to wrap holiday gifts, and I came to one conclusion. This year, I’ll be skipping the traditional holiday gift wrap!

I found the most beautiful inspirations for wrapping Christmas gifts using different kinds of ribbons, fruits, and other greenery. The inspirational images I found are more beautiful than I could’ve imagined, and because of this, I’m ready to throw out my holiday gift wrap and stick with these ideas instead.

Honestly, I can’t chose a favorite. I love the use of fruit, velvet, and silk ribbons. I also like the use of darker wrapping paper. The gifts look so elegant, I wouldn’t want to unwrap it.

Unique Ideas for Wrapping Christmas Gifts

Are you feeling inspired and ready to gift wrap? so are we! Find matte paper here, and find beautiful silk ribbons here.

Are you ready to wrap, but still don’t have any gifts? No problem! I’ve put together great gift guides to help you with your holiday shopping. Check out my list of gender neutral gifts under $50, and If you’re holiday shopping for kiddos, then head over to our list of eco-friendly gift for toddlers and babies. Stay tuned, because coming soon, we will release our list of gifts for the person who has everything.

Prepare with scissors, tape, wrapping, ribbons, flowers, fruits, and a glass of wine because, this holiday season you’ll enjoy wrapping gifts more than shopping for them.

Were you inspired by one of these ideas? tag us on Instagram @happygiftcompany.

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