There are many reasons why it’s important to put together a gender neutral holiday gift list. For starters, it’s a good idea to have an extra gift or two on hand in the event someone unexpected gives you a gift and you need to return the curtesy. You can also avoid being left without a gift because you left shopping for someone or a few people until the last minute. Lastly, gender neutral gifts are the best type of gift to bring to a gift exchange. White elephant gift exchanges are popular with coworkers, friends, and with family. Having a list of gender neutral holiday gifts will make holiday shopping in these situations a breeze! One of my favorite places to shop for unique gift ideas is etsy. I like supporting smaller shops and handmade goods, and every time I shop on etsy, I am reminded of how creative, original, and amazing people can be.

So, without further delay here is our List of Gender Neutral Gifts Under $50

Modern Christmas Trees – $40.00

These modern Christmas trees are a pretty way to decorate for the holidays.


Modern Christmas Trees

Linen Napkins – $12.00

Linen Napkins with aqua edged rim.


Handmade Linen Napkins with Aqua Edged Rim

Acoustic Speaker for iPhone – $30.00

The SpeakerBlock redirects sound from the bottom of the iPhone and acoustically amplifies it forward.


Acoustic Speaker for iPhone

Personalized Beeswax Candles – $4.00 ea.

Get creative and say something that will makes someone smile.



Succulent planter in waxed canvas – $12.00

Handmade little succulent 2″ canvas pouch.


Succulent planter in waxed canvas

Copper napkin rings – $29.00+ (4)

These hand-forged copper napkin rings are a gorgeous way to highlight your entertaining table.


Copper napkin rings

Retired Firehose Koozie – $7.00 ea.

Handmade beer can cooler with a retired fire hose exterior and neoprene lining.


Retired Firehose Koozie

Copper Photo Bar – $34.00

The Photo Bar is a simple and elegant display for your photo prints, cards and more. Each bar is made from a custom copper plated steel bar and comes with a set of magnets.


Copper Photo Bar Frame

Deco Coaster Set(4) – $30.00

DECO print design is printed permanently onto the thirsty ceramic stone. The stone will both absorb moisture and tolerate heat.


Deco Coaster Set

Handmade Ceramic White Coffee Mugs (set of 2) – $48.00

These elegant ceramic coffee mugs will get anyone excited to drink their morning coffee.


Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Round Walnut Cutting Board with Handle – Starting at $32.00

The attention to detail in this handmade cutting board will have some hesitating to use.


Handmade Walnut Cutting Board with Handle

Storage basket with Leather Handles – $50.00

This elegant, simple, fully lined storage basket with French seam detailing and leather handles will make a perfect housewarming gift as well as beautiful touch to your beautiful home.


Storage basket with Leather Handles

Dear Diary Inspirational Planner – $31.00

A 16 week planner with daily undated pages with focus on goal setting, habit tracking, productivity, reflection, inspiration and little positive challenges. Its purpose is to help you focus on the things that matter the most, reflect on your progress and serve you as a personal cheerleader.


Inspirational Planner

White Ceramic Serving Platter – $28.50

The fine white porcelain plate with a handpainted black rim is perfect for weeknight takeout yet sophisticated enough for a most elegant dinner party.



Wooden Salt and Pepper Cellar – $25.00

This salt & pepper box cellar is carefully handcrafted from premium butcher block wood. It’s not only incredibly practical, but it makes a beautifully unique display on your kitchen counter, stove top, or dining room table.



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