I started crafting when I was in college. A friend gave me a gift card to bebe for my birthday and I used it to buy a a pair of earrings. They cost $25, and I recall thinking they didn’t look hard to make. Shortly after I learned how to make earrings that were very similar to the ones I bought, and guess what? I was right! They weren’t hard to make, and they were a fraction of the cost! Since that day, I frequently have the same thought, and this is what inspires a lot of my DIY projects.

Recently, I bought a cloud mobile for my son’s nursery (pictured below). When I saw how it was made guess what thought came to mind? Yup, “that looks easy to make”. I quickly starting to think about how I could make a second baby mobile (babies can’t have too many mobiles, right?).

I’m not a fan of complicated projects. Frankly, I think it takes the fun out of DIY when you need to measure or plan out too much, therefore; I decided to simplify the project.

Here is my inspiration piece.

Restoration Hardware Baby Cloud Mobile
Restoration Hardware Baby Cloud Mobile $33

Also, since I already own this mobile, I wanted to make something slightly different and more colorful. I decided to simplify the design by replacing the felt clouds with colorful felt balls. I kept the same layout and used the same string for my mobile.

Here is my finished product

DIY Felt Ball Mobile / Make Your Own Mobile
Felt Ball Mobile DIY

This project cost me a total of $2.49. I had wool on hand, so I decided to make the felt balls myself. I also had the string from a past project, so the only item I bought were the sticks I used as the mobile “branches”.

Putting together the mobile was really easy, and that’s what I’m going to focus on for this post. I’m not going to share how to make felt balls because there are already a lot of videos that show how (I followed is this video).

Pro Tip: You can purchase felt balls on Amazon or Etsy & cut down the time to complete the project.

Okay, so let’s get started (I apologize for the winded intro!).

Here is what you need to make a baby mobile:

  • one pack of 12′ sticks
  • colorful felt balls (about 1 inch in diameter)
  • silk string
  • ruler (optional)
  • scissors
  • super glue

Start with three sticks, and cut two of them in half so you have four pieces. One of the sticks will become the top of your mobile, and stay 12 inches long. Use three half sticks for your mobile branches (you’ll have an extra half stick), and begin layout your mobile “tree” on a flat surface.

Now begin cutting your string. The string I used for the top of the mobile is about 32 inches long. I measured twice the length of the mobile base (24 inches) and added about four inches on each side, so I can hang the left and right branch from the same string. Cut a string for the center branch, so that it’s a bit lower than the side branches. Once everything is laid out, tie the mobile branches to the base. As you can tell from the picture above, I left extra string to make adjustments.

Once the mobile “tree” is laid out, begin stringing the felt balls. start by laying them the balls to see where they look best, and when you’re happy with the pattern, start to string them together.

I didn’t do a lot of measuring and just did the best I could eye balling. There is about an inch between felt balls, and about two inches from the top ball to the branch. At the end of each ball tie a few knots to help the felt balls stay in place. Finally, tie the mini garlands to the mobile “branches”.  When you’re finished stringing the balls hang the mobile from a nail against a wall to see where to make adjustments to balance the mobile.

Once you’re happy with the adjustments, add one drop of super glue to each knot and cut off the excess string. Voila! Hang your mobile where your little one can enjoy watching it, but keep it out of reach.

Hope you enjoyed the project, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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