Being a first time mom is hard, and preparing for the arrival of your little one can both exciting and daunting. As a first time mom, I poured over our gift registry. I spent hours upon hours picking just the right things for my little one. My strategy was to be meticulous and to stick to the essentials. I figured, once my son was born, I would find a slew of other items I would need. Sure enough, I spent a large part of my first few weeks of motherhood online shopping for additional items that I didn’t know I needed. Okay, I admit, I shopped for a lot of things I wanted more than needed, but hey, how else can you pass hours upon hours awake at night? I digress, my point is that soon after my son was born I found a few items that became essentials, but I never thought to add to my baby shower registry, and I’d like to share them with you.

Here is my list new mom essentials that I didn’t add to my baby registry

  1. Moby Baby Carrier $54.99 – I purchased the original style Moby wrap, and I love it. We have a baby bjorn as well, and I find this wrap offers better back support and better leg alignment for baby than the bjorn. My only gripe with the Moby is how much fabric there is, because it makes it difficult to set up and remove quickly which is why we sometimes use the bjorn instead. With the wrap below, it looks like Moby solved this problem  since it’s a hybrid and doesn’t seem to have as much fabric. It’s also a lot cheaper than the bjorn.
  2. Moby Baby Hybrid Wrap
  3. Moby Baby Wrap
  4. Oh Baby Bags (on-the-go) $20.00 – I didn’t have these on my registry, but I received them as a gift from a savvy gifter. When we are on the road, I can change the baby anywhere, regardless of whether or not there is a trashcan near by.  I’ve added up to four diapers per bag, and the hold the smell incredibly well. I wish I’d added this to my registry and the refill bags as well.
  5. Yellow Dot Oh Baby On-the-Go Diaper Bags
  6. Oh Baby Moisture Control Bags
  7. Wearable Blanket $54.00 – Yes, you will likely swaddle your baby the first three or so months, but after you’ll need something to keep them cozy. I found that my son hated being swaddled, but enjoys this wearable blanket, because it allows him to have his arms free. He’s about two and half months, and sleeps close to 6 hrs without waking himself in this blanket.
  8. Hanna Andersson Wearable Blanket
  9. Hanna Andersson Wearable Blanket
  10. Original Swaddle $40.00 – I added some easy swaddles to my registry and frankly I regret it. My son outgrew the easy swaddles quickly, and they were burdensome to put on and take off. This made middle of the night diaper changes and feedings more difficult. He also didn’t like having his arms constrained which made the easy swaddles more difficult to use. About a month after he was born, I gave in and purchased this swaddle from Hanna Andersson. I tried some cheaper ones from Amazon, but don’t even get me started on those. This swaddle is worth the splurge. I love it because its made from organic pima cotton, so it’s super soft and stretchy. A classic swaddle can also be used as blanket later, so it’s much more versatile than the easy swaddles.
  11. Hanna Anderson Gray Stripped Swaddle
  12. Hanna Anderson Gray Stripped Swaddle
  13. California Baby Overtired and Cranky Bath Bubbles $32.00 (2pack) – You won’t give your baby a bath immediately. You’re not supposed to bathe them until their umbilical cord comes off, but there will come a time when your baby is very fussy, and you’ll wish for something to calm him, so he can take a nap and feel much better. When that day comes, you will want to have the California Baby aromatherapy bath bubbles on hand. The aromatherapy is amazing for soothing a tired and cranky little baby, and they work on overtired and cranky mommies too!
  14. California Baby Bath Bubbles
  15. California Baby Bath Bubbles
  16. Nursing Tank Tops $24.00 (2pack) – I didn’t add anything personal to my baby registry, but I wish I had added these tank tops. I purchased a few nursing bras, and they work great, but these nursing tank tops are a lot cheaper, and they offer a lot more coverage allowing me to use some of my regular clothing while breast feeding. They have allowed me to use some of my pre-maternity clothing (priceless!) and saved me from having to purchase a whole new wardrobe.
  17. H&M Nursing Tank Tops
  18. H&M Nursing Tank Tops
  19. NailFrida Clippers $13.00 – Baby nails grow FAST! Some babies are even born with long fingernails. Due to liability reasons, hospitals will not provide you with nail clippers. Chances are you will need clippers before you and your baby head home from the hospital. I love the NailFrida set because it comes with clippers and a nail file. Initially, I was nervous clipping, so I would use the nail file instead. Right now, I’m trimming my son’s nails every few days. The clippers are very sharp, but the way they are structured prevents from any accidents (I haven’t had one yet).
  20. NailFrida Baby Nail Clipper Kit
  21. NailFrida by FridayBaby
  22. Car Seat Cover $25.00 – Even if you chose not to take your baby outdoors the first few weeks chances are baby will still face a few car rides. Leaving the hospital and your first doctor appointments are a couple of examples. If you don’t know, babies hate the sun. They don’t have a protective layer on their eyes, so it’s not very comfortable when they are exposed to sunlight. Additionally, they are very sensitive to sun damage, so they should be covered at all times. Hence, the carseat cover is an essential for any new parent.
  23. Car Seat Cover
  24. Car Seat Cover
  25. Baby Gym $ Varies – There are a million and one options for baby gyms. I was inspired by all of the beautiful ideas on Etsy, and with a little help from my husband, we made our own. You won’t be carrying baby all the time (right?) and mat play time is beneficial for their development. We use our baby gym on the floor, and sometimes we bring it close to his bouncer for more upright play time. He loves it, and the best part is, we can switch out the toys periodically for ongoing fun.
  26. Baby Gym from Etsy
  27. Baby Gym from Etsy
  28. Baby Play Mat $35.00 – It’s recommended that babies have tummy time and floor play time every day, so you’ll definitely need somewhere to set your little one down. Also, babies can’t sit on there own until about 5-6 months, so anything that requires them holding their head up and sitting on their own will be out of the question for a while. Play mats provide an excellent option for play time and they can be taken to different places in your home or on-the-go. There endless options at a slew of price points. I purchased this one from Nordstrom for a reasonable price, but Etsy also has some great options available. Thickness varies and affects price. Mine was on the thinner side, and I needed to add a few towels beneath the mat for extra padding.

I hope you find a thing or two on this list that you hadn’t thought of, and if there is something we’re missing, please share below in the comments. Congratulations!

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