Halloween is my favorite holiday! The candy, the decorating, the dressing up, and the parties create a DIY heaven.

One of my favorite (and easiest) Halloween DIY projects are mini treat bags.

These mini treat bags will bring spooky fun for your kids, your neighbors, or your coworkers.


I love this project because it is easy to make and easy scale. You can work with larger bags for “big” kid trick or treating, or your toddlers can use the smaller bags for their first trick or treating adventure. Here is what you need for this project:

  • plain canvas bag (of any size you prefer)
  • Halloween themed stamps
  • stamp ink or fabric paint

The other reason I like this project is because it is relatively inexpensive. I already had stamps and ink, so my only purchase for this project were the mini canvas bags (they cost around $5, and I downloaded a Michael’s coupon online and saved 40%). You can find these bags on Amazon, but I would recommend purchasing them at Michael’s since they are much cheaper.

Pro tip: I always look for coupons at Michaels.com before making the trip to the store, so I can maximize my savings on every project.

I filled my baggies with candy, but you can also fill them with mini toys, fruit or a plant depending on who will be receiving them.

I hope you enjoy this really simple Halloween DIY, and if you end up making your own, share or tag us in a post. We would love to see your creepy creating.

Happy Halloween.

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