This post is a long time in the making. I’ve been trying to grow an avocado plant from a seed for years, and I couldn’t figure out how until very recently. If you google growing your own avocado plant, it seems like the process is simple, but even the simplest things require a bit of care. The method I am going to share is the method that worked for me, and I hope my tips help you grow your very own avocado plant.

Growing an avocado tree is a marathon not a sprint, and it will take many years of care (about 5-7) for your plant to produce fruit. Also, due to the way plants are grafted, your tree will not produce fruit with the same flavor as the fruit it came from. Nevertheless, growing plants from seeds or seedlings is really fun, and I find my little avocado tree looks stunning on my windowsill.

Here is what you’ll need to grow your own avocado tree from a seed:

  1. A very ripe avocado
  2. three toothpicks
  3. a small cylinder shaped glass vase
  4. a sunny windowsill

I decided to take a stab at growing an avocado plant from the seed because I discovered a very ripe avocado with a seed that was already cracking with a seedling inside. I couldn’t let the little guy go to waste, and I felt I needed to give him a chance.

I started by browsing what felt like dozens of websites looking to find what I could do differently to make sure my plant would thrive. I believe a found a few essential tips that helped this plant sprout after many failed attempts.

This is how it started…

How to Grow an Avocado Tree from Pit
Cleaned avocado seed with tiny sprout and a few roots.
  • The seed from my avocado had already sprouted when I removed it from the fruit
  • I have kept the seed halfway in water the entire time
  • The vase I am using is long enough to allow significant root growth

To set up my plant I stated by washing it gently and removing the brown layer of skin from the pit.

Pro tip: Some websites say removing the brown skin around the avocado seed is not necessary, but I think it’s the secret to success.

Once I cleaned the pit, I inserted the toothpicks about three centimeters into the seed. The toothpicks should be about halfway up the seed so that when the seed is resting on your vase it is halfway in water. Then I filled the vase with water and settled my pit at its rim so that half of the pit is covered in water.

Since settling my avocado seed, I have kept the vase filled to the rim at all times. I haven’t changed the water. I started my avocado plant three months ago, and this is how it looks today.

Avocado plant 3 months later…

DIY Avocado Tree from Seed/Pit
My avocado plant three months after starting.

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