Figuring out how to decorate your dorm will be one of the most important things you do this summer. Especially if you’re a first year student. Get started on the right foot by steering away from stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Ikea, and instead consider personalizing with larger items from places like Society6. While the “big stores” have fun finds, the items you’ll buy are far from unique, and your dorm should be a representation of your personality. Your dorm will be YOUR space for the next school year, and it should showcase your unique style.

Let Ikea and Bed Bath & Beyond be the places where you find garbage cans, cheap shower accessories, and cleaning supplies, then

check out websites like Society6 when you’re ready to find the things that will make a big splash in your space.

If you’re unfamiliar with Society6, the website offers dorm room ready products like, framed art, wall tapestries, throw pillows, and bedding just to name a few. Their products are created to order, and you can pick from┬áthousands of unique designs by small artists from across the globe. Let’s say you’re into pink and llamas. Here are some items you might consider:

Work Hard, Be Nice Wood Wall Art: $149

Work Hard, Be Nice Artwork
Pastel Throw Blanket $49.00
Llama Pillow Sham (2) $39.99


The site allows you to search by type of product and colors to help narrow down their large selection. The examples above are a few examples of room accessories, but you can also take your passion to the next level with customized backpacks, sweatshirts, skins, mugs and more! I’ve purchased art prints and carryall pouches from them in the past and I was very happy with the products and their customer service.

It can get a little bit overwhelming to see so many options, so I’d suggest creating an inspiration board prior to shopping. Getting inspired and knowing the direction you want to go in will help you dig up just the right find to make your space yours.

Congratulations and Happy Shopping!

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