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I didn’t realize how “crunchy” I was until I started planning for the arrival of our first baby.  One choice at a time, I developed a taste for the eco-friendly and an all natural approach.

When I started mentioning my choices to others, I started noticing that some of our choices were immediately perceived as more expensive. This is a misconception a lot of people have when it comes to natural products, and what I encountered when looking at items for my baby registry was the opposite. I found many adorable baby gifts that are natural and less expensive than their synthetic counterparts. When it came time for our baby shower, I found that giving people a variety of price and store purchase options encouraged them to gift directly from our registry rather than looking for alternatives on their own.

Here are 8 baby brands that are affordable, eco-friendly, and crunchy mom approved.

We looked for toys that are made from recycled materials. Green Toys are made in California from 100% recycled materials, and they meet local and international safety standards for BPA, phthalates.

We purchased baby bottles from Klean Kanteen and from Hevea Planet. Our goal was to avoid plastic. Klean Kanteen bottles are made from stainless steel, and Hevea bottles are made from glass and 100% rubber.

85% of the baby clothing we picked out was from Hannah Andersson or Burt’s Bees Baby. There are many other companies that sell organic baby clothing, and we didn’t feel restricted by these two brands. We just happened to pick a lot of items from these two stores. When looking at selecting baby clothing brands we felt we looked for the clothes to be organic cotton certified by GOTS — the global standard for organic cotton certification.

We knew we couldn’t handle cloth diapers, at least not immediately. We are first time parents and neither of us has a lot of experience caring for children. With so much to learn, we wanted to keep diapering as simple as possible. When we began doing our diaper research, we were disappointed to find that diapers continue to be a big problem when it comes to their contribution to pollution. The best diapers we could find are made by Naty. They’re not 100% biodegradable, but many of the materials they use are. There are also 3rd party companies dedicated the proper composting of these diapers. If you chose to add on this service, you can feel really good about the diapers you’re choosing.

Lastly, we chose California Baby and Weleda for our baby care products. California Baby looks to work with top quality ingredients, and grows some of their own ingredients when they’ve been unable to find sources that meet their quality standards. Beyond organic products, Weleda incorporates natural thinking into every stage of its development and production process. Renewable, sustainable, natural, and cruelty free are at the source of every product they produce.

Happy Gifting!






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