When you have a baby, especially if it’s the first baby to join your family, everyone is likely to be excited about their new role. When we were pregnant with our first baby — the first for both of our families, everyone was beyond excited. They constantly wanted updates, and everyone was very supportive and loving. We were very thankful for the involvement and the support we received, so we wanted to gift each member of our immediate family with something to make them feel special. As a small token of our appreciation, we picked a t-shirt for each member of our immediate family. We hoped that they would wear their shirts when they met our bundle of joy for the first time.

Here are the shirts we picked to welcome members of your extended family as new grandmas, grandpas, aunties and uncles.

When I was looking into this project, I went right to Etsy.com. There are many other platforms where you can buy shirts, and I have purchased from other platforms in the past, but I chose Etsy for this project because I like that I can sort by products made in the USA, and I like being able to purchase from a variety of stores. My goal was to find something unique that matched the personality of each family member, and every shirt I bought came from a different seller and had a completely different design.

Here are our top choices for grandma shirts:

Grandma Bear Shirt $24.99 

Grandma Bear Shirt

Simple Grandma Shirt $20.00


These are our picks for Auntie shirts:

Auntie Bear Shirt $24.95


Auntiesaurus T-Rex shirt $17.99


Here are a few fun ideas for Uncle Shirts:

Funcle Shirt $22.00


Best Uncle Shirt $20.00il_570xn-1431948266_d7zb

Our picks for Grandpa shirts:

Have No Fear Grandpa Shirt $14.95


Promoted to Grandpa $17.99


I have seen a few other posts that use the shirts as a baby announcement rather than a thank/welcome baby gift, and this also sounds like a beautiful idea. Happy gifting.

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