I am excited to share a few of my holiday traditions with you!

Our family loves the holidays, and decorating kicks off in October for Halloween and continues through Christmas.

We believe this time of year is for celebrating the good that has come to us throughout the year, and traditions are centered around making our time together more meaningful and fun.

At Thanksgiving, we decide who’s hosting Christmas Eve dinner, and we draw names for our annual gift exchange. We decided to exchange nice gifts (not funny) and allocate a budget of $100 per gift. In addition, every year we hide a pickle ornament somewhere in the Christmas tree. The person who finds the ornament receives an extra gift, and they are in charge of next years gift. The limit for this gift is $15.

On Christmas Eve, we have a family dinner filled with wine and champagne. After dinner, we use our place tags to write a wish or give special thanks for something that occurred the current year. The place tags come with ribbon to hang our wishes on the Christmas tree.

Then we have a family game night and exchange gifts.

I enjoy hosting, decorating our home and dinner table, and I LOVE gifting. I’ve started early, and I’m happy to share of few of my favorite items for a gift exchange.

Good at Naps Throw Blanket – $108


Engraved Cutting Board – $72


Canvas Crossbody Field Bag – $95


Ceramic Serving Platter – $56


Hexagon Tealight Holders – $106


Leather Laptop Case (MacBook Air) – $82

Wake and Pour Mug with Steeper – $76


Concrete Fruit Tray – $85 

Ceramic Baking Dish – $72 


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