I love inspirational signs, quotes, and graphic tees.

Reading someone else’s cleverness and wisdom is like perfectly timed advice and always brightens my day.

In a recent crafting craze, I asked my family if they’d like me to make them a gift. To my surprise, I received a request for an inspirational sign.

Here is a step by step guide for how I made an inspirational sign.

Step 1. Pick an inspirational quote. I googled inspirational signs and saw hundreds of ideas. Browsing images can also help you find good fonts or could inspire you to write your own quote.

Step 2. Select a piece of wood for your project. I went to Home Depot and had them cut a piece of poplar wood for me.

Step 3. Design your sign. You can design the layout of your sign using photoshop, free hand, or a word program. My advice: regardless of the method you use, write a draft on a sheet(s) of paper and lay it on your piece of wood to make sure size and style are to your liking.

Step 4. Transfer your design to the piece of wood. You have two choices for how to transfer your text. If you have a soft piece of wood, you can tape down your paper and outline your text. If the the wood you’re using isn’t soft, then you should mirror your text fill it in with lead and transfer it by laying the paper down on the wood and pressing firmly on it. Neither method is perfect so you should expect a bit of free hand. It’s part of the fun!

Step 5. Fill in the text with your favorite paint color. In my design, I used black and and then sanded it a bit to give it a worn down, antique look.

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