Buying a Holiday gift for someone that enjoys working with their hands can be a lot of fun, but you’ll have to think outside the box to find the perfect gift.

One of the best gifts I have EVER received has been a Dremel. The Dremel is a multi purpose tool that helps you complete all sorts of DIY projects. Not only is it an ideal tool for my DIY projects, but the gift was completely unexpected. Whether they are an experienced DIYer or one in the making, they will love this gift.

We love this DIY planter kit. It’s a small project, but it will pull at the heart strings of any DIYer. They’ll love putting it together, and will be reminded of you every time they water their succulent.

Do you know someone that spends their weekends tending to their garden? Do they constantly share the fruits of their labor, and make delicious meals from their home grown fruits and vegetables? We found the perfect gift for them too! This funky vegetable planting kit will add some new colors and flavors to their garden.

If you’re not sure any of these options would do the trick, you can always give a gift card to the local crafts store. Michael’s is a personal favorite because they have supplies for every type of DIY project.

Happy Gifting!

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