Snorkeling with Turtles in Akumal is so Much Fun!

We frequently visit the Riviera Maya in Mexico. We enjoy the water, the weather, the ambiance, and there is a never-ending list of things to do.

I want to tell you guys about Akumal because it has been one of my favorite experiences in the Riviera Maya. The beach itself is not extra ordinary, but it is a nice place to visit if you want to get away from your hotel. Along this stretch of beach there are a couple of beachfront restaurants and condominiums where you can get more of a local experience. It’s a public beach, so it is busy with day visitors and tchotchke shops.

What makes this beach special is that it’s one of the few places where taking a swim can bring you face to face with sea turtles.

Although there is nothing prohibiting you from bringing your own snorkel gear and exploring the beach on your own, we opted for taking a short tour. I’ve always thought sea turtles are cute (aren’t all animals?), but seeing them in person was extraordinary. They move with the grace that only decades of living on this planet will give you. Truly at home and in their element, they look relaxed, peaceful and friendly. I’m not a great swimmer, and the idea of jelly fish and sharks (I know…) in the open water makes me nervous and uncomfortable. Yet, as soon as I saw the turtles I felt really at ease, and thanks to their calming nature I was able to enjoy the entire tour without any anxiety. The turtles are relatively close to shore, and the tour will take you a little further out to explore a mini reef. In all, I think the experience lasted about an hour.

The tour is very low key and surprisingly affordable. You don’t swim very far out, and you’re provided with a life vest, snorkel gear, and a local guide. I hope you’re excited to make this tour part of your next vacation!

If you do visit, please remember to be respectful of the environment you’re in, and do your part to help preserve this beautiful area of Mexico.

Here are a couple of things you should know before your excursion:

  • You can’t touch or hold the sea turtles
  • You can’t chase the turtles
  • You can’t watch them for more than 2 minutes at time
  • You can’t stand on any part of the reef

We took the tour with Pirates of Akumal, and our tour guide was named Carlos. I would highly recommend him..

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