We’ve only visited Mendocino twice, but we plan to go again, and again. The drive up to Mendocino CA is beautiful, and the sites of the California coast are really breathtaking, but the nicest thin about visiting Mendocino is the pace of life. When you’re in Mendocino it feels like the world slows down a little bit. The energy of the area is relaxing.

For me, the moment comes when I leave the curvy road of highway 128, and I realize the The Brewery Gulch Inn is nearby.

Entrance of the Brewery Gulch Inn


I’ve never stayed anywhere else in Mendocino and I don’t know that I will ever try a different Inn. Here is what I like about the Brewery Gulch Inn:

  • It’s small
  • The grounds are stunning
  • The rooms have beautiful views
  • Breakfast, and d’oeuvres are complimentary

Raven Room at The Brewery Gulch Inn

Raven Room at Brewery Gulch Inn

Living Room at the Brewery Gulch Inn

Raven Room at Brewery Gulch Inn

If you’re looking for a place where there is a lot of action, you’re going to be disappointed here, but if you’re looking to truly relax have a glass of wine and enjoy having 0 plans, then this is the place for you. If you have any other questions about this Inn drop them into the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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