How to Create an Easter Display with Items You Already Have

Usually my goal is to hide all candy with the idea that if it’s out of site, I’ll keep it out of  mind. During Easter, I have the opposite goal. I like to display candy throughout the house because it is an easy way to add color and decorate for the Holiday.

I’m going to use a variety of round vases to display the candy in different ways. I like that they’re all round because it reminds me of an egg shape, and the different sizes allow for a lot of versatility in the display. They also make the candy accessible and when I decorate with food, I like to be able to eat it.

A Nesting Bowl

Bowl #1 I used the largest bowl to create a nest, and then I added all of the egg shaped chocolate to the center. My nest is made from leftover burlap ribbon from a previous project, but you can also use raffia.

A Colorful Bowl

Bowl #2 My favorite Easter candy are jelly belly’s, and I used a smaller bowl to display these. The bowl was filled almost the top and it looks really nice with a variety of colors and flavors. I didn’t add anything else to this bowl because the candy is already festive.

A Candle Bowl

Bowl #3 For my third bowl, I used a candle. I think it’s nice when you can incorporate different display elements because it helps to break up the decor.

Easter Candy Display

This display can be adjusted for a variety of shapes. For example, you can use three cylinder vases, or three square vases.

The goal is to display your candy in a way that is also inviting and accessible.

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