This year, I  am a bit unprepared for Easter.

The family is getting together at my moms and I haven’t really had an excuse to decorate. To spur some motivation in me, I told my mom I would bring little decorative items she can set throughout the house.

It all starts with Pinterest

As with all other DIY adventures, I began browsing Pinterest for some inspiration. The one thing I noticed is that most of the Easter themed crafts aren’t versatile enough to use after Easter. I really like the rustic spring look, but I don’t want to have bunnies hanging around after Easter.

DIY on a budget

With a little inspiration, I set out to Target. My goal is use what I already have for this project, so my budget was very tight, and the only things I bought were jars and candy. My goal was to spend no more than $10.

The end result are these small mason jars. Each jar has a few different types of chocolate and my mom can put these on the main table or on any coffee table for guests to help themselves. She can also give them to her guests to take home as a treat.


Unfortunately, I went over budget and my total for this project was $14.59. The candy was a little more expensive then I anticipated.

  • Jars– Initially I wanted to buy mason jars, but Target had this cute alternative for $1 each.
  • 1.5 inch Ribbon or burlap– Any ribbon you have around the house will work, but preferably you have something that is neutral or pastel
  • Thin Ribbon or raffia– You could use other materials like yarn, I used cooking string for this project.
  • Plant Material– I found fresh rosemary outside, but I think Lavender would look a little bit better. You can also use a fresh flower if you’re going to be using the jars the same day.
  • Candy– Whatever you want to include in your jar. I used Dove chocolate eggs and Cadbury minis.
  • Crinkle Paper– For filling, I used crinkle paper that was left over from a gift, but you can also use tissue paper, cotton balls, or even chunks of paper from your shredder.


Steps by Step

Before you start, measure and cut your thick ribbon, so that it is long enough to wrap around each jar. The thicker ribbon should have a small overlap, while the thinner ribbon should be long enough to wrap around your jar a couple of times, and also tie a knot around your plant material. Trim  your plants, so that they are ready to be tied to your jar.

  • Step 1. Wrap your burlap or 1.5 inch ribbon around the jar
  • Step 2. Use the thinner ribbon to secure the thicker ribbon and your plant to your jar. This project doesn’t require any glue.
  • Step 3. Add the fill to the bottom of the jar
  • Step 4. Fill your jar with candy.

Please leave a comment and share your version of this project. Happy crafting!

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