I would like to start by saying that a lot of my problems could have been avoided if I had made the trip down to Mexico to see wedding venues before deciding to have our wedding at the Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa. We decided not to make a special trip because we felt we had visited Mexico enough to choose a place for a wedding. We didn’t chose our previous hotels because we thought a larger hotel would be better at accommodating a large party, and we truly felt we couldn’t go wrong in Mexico. Hindsight being 20/20 I know this was a mistake.

Now, let’s jump right in.  This resort claims to be a four star property, and many people would be happy to give it four stars just based on the fact that it’s a well known chain and it’s all-inclusive. However, having been to more than a couple resorts in the Tulum area, I can say for certain that this resort does not live up to its four star rating.

Below are the reasons we chose this resort, and the reality we faced after checking into the resort.

Our number one reason for choosing the Dreams Resort and Spa Tulum for our wedding venue was the beach. We read that the resort had a very nice beach and we wanted our guests to enjoy the #1 reason why we visit this area of Mexico time and time again.

We also knew that there weren’t a lot of hotels near this resort so we felt the location would be perfect for taking long walks, evening strolls, and bonding time with our friends an family.

The highlight of the trip became the embarrassment of the trip when we took our first walk along the beach and noticed that the beach was absolutely filthy with garbage. The garbage was all over the shoreline and in the water. On one occasion, I was in the water with a few friends and we were hit repeatedly by pieces of floating trash. I believe that taking care of the beach around the resort is this hotel’s responsibility. This is simply unacceptable.

Their website also claims that this resort is the closest resort to the ruins of Tulum. In fact their website says that you can see the ruins from the resort. This is a flat out lie; you cannot see the ruins of Tulum from their resort. It’s not even a short walk. It would take you at least an 1.5 hours to walk there and about 45 minutes jogging (someone in my wedding party completed the jog).

The resort also claims to have top shelf alcohol, so for those of you who travel to all-inclusive resorts to take advantage of the unlimited drinks, you will be disappointed here.

Dreams Tulum offers mainly beer and well alcohol as part of the all-inclusive package.

We asked for top shelf tequila and the staff told me they would need to charge me extra! Something that infuriates me about our wedding reception is that we upgraded the alcohol for our wedding package to their highest alcohol package to ensure that we could enjoy the very best, and I know for a fact that they were serving my guests well most of the night. I specifically asked for shots of good tequila to be brought out during our wedding and the waiter gave us a hard time about it. I had to point out that I had actually PAID to have their “gold” shelf alcohol available during our reception.

The last thing I’ll mention in my review is that our wedding package included a couple’s treatment at the resort’s spa. The day before our wedding, my husband and I decided to take advantage of that perk and booked an exfoliating scrub. The entire treatment lasted 10 minutes and the way they scrubbed was very painful. When we looked at their price sheet, they claimed this was valued at $65 per person… sssuuuuuurrrrreeeee.

There were a few other bumps along the way. For example, our photographer missed a scheduled appointment to review the plans for the ceremony and this caused us to cancel  plans we had in the future because we had to make time for this appointment.

When we arrived to check-in the person checking us in took a lunch break in the middle of our check-in and left us waiting in the lobby without letting anyone know what they were doing.

The bathroom did not have hot water 75% of our stay.

After a couple of days of this, my husband and I had a heart to heart with the hotel manager, but he didn’t have any answers for us and waived us off with a free pass to the spa….Like I’m falling for that one again.

Our wedding day was incredibly special and these things bothered me before and after the wedding, but I didn’t let them get to me during my special day. I had a fantastic time because I made up my mind not to allow the negative experiences become my wedding day memories.

I didn’t write this review to vent, but rather to share my experience with other brides so that this situation can be avoided in the future. I even sat on this review for a long time hoping that I would feel differently about it later, but I still feel that my experience is worth sharing because for the amount of money that you and your guests will spend, you can probably find a better resort.

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