Those of us who live near Wine Country tend to take it for granted. I’ll visit once or twice a month, and it’s only when I see how many tourists go out of their way to visit this area, that I am reminded of how fortunate I am to live near by.
I’ve put together the following “must-see” list based on my experiences in Wine Country. If you do visit, and take me up on my advice, I would love to hear about it in the comments section.
1. V. Sattui Lobster Fest – There is a lot to enjoy at V.Sattui; it is one of my favorite wineries. The grounds are absolutely stunning, and it is a place where you can spend time after you enjoy the wine tasting experience. They have a large picnic area, and during the summer they BBQ daily.  Another thing that I love about V.Sattui is that you can’t find their wines anywhere else. Even though I live close by, I still enjoy getting bringing home a case of good wine that is truly unique to this area. (We always bring extra to share with family and friends.)
If you’re looking to plan a long weekend, I would recommend taking at their event calendar since they have a few large events throughout the year that are worth attending. I have attended their lobster fest twice, and I have enjoyed it. The event consists of lobster dinner, live music, and unlimited V.Sattui wine! I like that dinner is served family style, and without plates or silverware. It allows you to mingle with everyone around you and share a meal together in a manner that is unique. After dinner there is a live band with plenty of wine and dancing to continue having a good time long into the night.
Below is their promo video for the event.
2. Mumms Napa – It is hard to find a sparkling wine that will give you more bang for your buck than Mumms. They are, by far, my favorite sparkling wine for their price point. Although they are readily available at BevMo! and Safeway, they also offer unique wines at their winery. Because it is my favorite wine, I think it’s a “can’t miss” opportunity to visit the winery.
Mumms - Santana Collection
3. There are many wineries to see in Wine Country. The list can be exhausting, and you may be disappointment if you visit places that you don’t enjoy. For this reason, it is important to always have a free tasting on your list- enter Heitz Cellar. They not only offer free tastings, but you’ll find that their wines are excellent. It is a bit smaller than some of the other wineries, but the ambiance is intimate and their staff is extremely welcoming and friendly. You won’t regret adding this mini stop to your list.
4. I don’t like eating expensive when I go wine tasting. To be candid, I’m usually pretty tipsy, and my cravings are for more greasy food. My favorite food stop in Wine Country is Gotts Roadside. After an expensive day of wine tasting, you can take it easy in their outdoor seating area and enjoy great burger and fries.

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