The Iberostar Grand Rose Hall is probably the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in. My husband and I decided to splurge for our honey moon, and I can say that the resort was above and beyond our expectations.

The resort is very large, and it is divided into three sections. We stayed at the Grand Rose Hall. In the image below, the building is the yellow to the far right. While people who stay in this section can visit other sections of the resort, the people staying at the other sections of the resort cannot visit the Grand Rose Hall. This area is a little more secluded, quiet, and adults only.

Amazing Ameneties Include:

A butler dedicated to your floor

A pillow bar (so you can choose pillows that are to your liking)

Hawaiian Tropic Suncreen in a range of SPF coverage


Snorkle gear

All inclussive

The hotel also has a pirate party once a week, and its super fun. They have pirate themed games, drinks, and the entire staff dresses up.

This is the ocean view from our room, well this wasn’t our room, but the view was the same.

I was a little disappointed to find out that the beach at the resort is man made, but it was incredibly pleasant the whole time we were there.They have large boulders that have been placed on the beach to attract fish so the snorkeling is pretty wonderful, and its close to shore so us novice snorkelers can feel very safe.

The food wasn’t incredible but with everything else taken into account I would definitely recommend this place.

up, up, and away!

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