I’ve lived in the Bay Area my entire life, and in the past decade I have witnessed small towns like San Mateo, San Carlos, Redwood City, Burlingame, and Palo Alto become extensions of San Francisco’s tech industry. Companies you may have heard of like Pinterest, Jobvite, and Evernote are not headquartered in San Francisco, but right here in the Peninsula.
Below is my list of favorite places to eat along with a short description of their food and ambiance. For your reference, I’ve also included links to their Yelp pages, #yourewelcome
San Carlos –  I love San Carlos and the restaurant scene they have going on, but I don’t like that there aren’t many good affordable options.
Refuge – The Refuge is a big of a guilty pleasure. They’re famous for their home made pastrami, and feature an array of micro brews. It’s definitely not the healthiest option, but if you’ve had a long week and you need some comfort food, this is the place to go! Don’t be afraid to venture outside of of pastrami, their burgers are excellent too. YELP

Town – This is definitely “the” place to eat in San Carlos. You can’t really go wrong with anything on their menu, and I’ve tried it all (almost). I’ve had their spicy sushi app, yummy, their steaks, super yummy, their breakfast chilaquiles, yummy. p.s. they have bottomless mimosa brunch. YELP

 Redwood City – While many people will try to point you toward the more popular Martin’s West, I suggest you steer clear of this place. You’ll never get good service and their food is mediocre at best. It’s another wanna be grastro pub that will never live up to the great places in San Francisco. Notice I didn’t mention their drinks?
LV Mar – LV Mar is relatively new to Redwood City, they specialize in upscale South American cuisine. I’ve ordered their lamb shank, their oysters, tacos, and ceviche, and they were all very tasty. The oysters were especially good. They also have a great bar selection, if you’re a tequila fan, I suggest you try the 7 Leguas. It’s perfect for a buisness dinner as the ambiance is quiet and slightly up scale. You’ll shine as the out of towner that showed the locals a new spot.  YELP

Vesta – Reservations absolutely necessary. I tried to make a reservation about 3 weeks in advance for a Saturday night and they were booked solid. This is perfect for the business traveler that visits monthly or quarterly. Great beer, absolutely great pizza, and a fun ambiance. I recommend going on the early side as the staff tends to get tired and not as attentive toward the end of the night. YELP

 Burlingame – Burlingame has an excellent downtown area. It was recently remodeled and it’s perfect for taking a stroll. Their restaurant scene however, is a little lacking, but they do have a few great casual dining spots.
Crepevine – My favorite place to eat in burlingame. It’s super causual, as in you take a number and sit down, but the food is absolutely delish. At one point in my life I would eat here at least once a week, and the same staff that worked there 5 years ago is still there today. Happy Staff = Great Restaurant. I only get two things here, the Cancun salad, and the California Crepe. YELP

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