I didn’t like oysters until I was about 25. Now, I’m becoming an oyster snob, and about two weeks ago I visited the Hog Island farm in Marshall to taste the best oysters in northern California. πŸ™‚

(No, I wasn’t paid for that statement.)

They have two locations, the location in Marshall is the farm, and the second location is Hog Island Co., a restaurant in San Francisco.

Hog Island Co. San Francisco - Photo from www.hogislandco.com​​

However, that isn’t the adventure I want to share with you today….. I want to share my experience at the more exciting Oyster farm in Marshall!

With a reservation, you can learn to chuck your own oysters, fresh from farm to table. We had a dozen fresh and a few of their BBQ oysters. I preferred their fresh oysters, but if you don’t like fresh oysters at all, then I think you’ll be happy with the BBQ’d ones.Β  We paired our oysters with a cheese platter, and a couple of brews from Pacific Coast Brewing Company.

You eat your oysters outdoors, picnic style. The air is fresh, the ambiance is great and the views are phenomenal. You can also take a break from eating and watch as are pulled from their farming cage, to be cleaned, prepped and bagged for purchase at their store front.

Hog Island Marshall, ca - photo taken from www.hogislandco.com​​

The ONLY downside to visiting this place was the drive. If you get car sick AT ALL bring your Dramamine and prepare to make a stop a long the way.


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