I just have to dedicate a whole entry to Xplor. It is one of the best places I have ever visited. I’m not sure that the website does it much justice, someone needs to send them a Go Pro camera to really capture the adventure filled park that it is. I will disclose that if you’re not an active person, you will not enjoy this at all. You should also know that to enjoy the park in its entirety you will have to work pretty hard. Don’t be surprised if you wake up sore the next morning. Also, you will need to be swim-ready 100% of the time, and you should either be confident enough to walk around in your swim suit, or wear clothes that you’re comfortable getting wet.

There are several different activities in the park, and in this entry I will go through them in the order that I experienced them.

Our adventure started with the zip lines! There are some serious zip lines at Xplor and if you’ve read my Antigua entry, I’m going to say that these zip lines blow the Antigua zips out of the water.  To complete the activity, you’ll have to go through about 21 lines, each of them is different. The shorter ones are a little faster, the longer ones have great views, and some even drop into cenotes. Those are the shortest but the most fun. Somewhere along the way, there is also a water slide! We wish we could’ve gone down the slide a bunch of times, but you can’t walk up to a zip line since its an entire activity and one line leads to the next. If you wanted to, you could do the entire zip lines twice, but then you will probably have to miss one of the other activities due to time.

Our second activity was their jeep adventure. If you have ever been on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, you will relate to this adventure. The difference here is that this is closer to the real thing. The jeeps are actually a little scary to drive because they’re not tied to a rail and you do drive through some caves and bridges. This activity is probably one of the shortest at 25 minutes or so.

The third activity was my least favorite, canoeing through the cenotes. Everything you saw while on the canoe trip was really cool, but the canoes were a little too hard to maneuver.

Our final activity was the swim through the cenotes. This was my favorite activity. Since we were running out of time, we were the last group that they allowed to enter the activity so we had the caves all to ourselves. Although we were moving the entire time, it took us about an hour to complete the activity. Inside you can see the crystal clear waters, and families of bats flying around. Its very beautiful. You exit into a well of natural water.

I highly recommend visiting Xplor. Especially if you’re an active family. Oh, before I forget, this is an all inclusive park, so all food and beverage is included with your entry. 🙂

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