I’ll skip through the glamour and glitz of fashion accesories and get right into the practical items I carry with me everywhere I go. Below is my list of things to never travel without.
I suffer from motion sickness, and from the moment I get on the plane I need a little Dramamine to keep my stomach at ease. For years I traveled without taking Dramamine and I would feel sick through the entire flight and then groggy when I stepped off the plane. This meant that my day of travel would be a wash and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the day. However, since taking Dramamine,  I am full steam ahead and I’m able to enjoy any trip from the start.
The obvious times to use wipes are around bathrooms, but what about when you jump from the plane to the bathroom to your taxi? Or when you take a tour that includes an excursion plus onsite lunch? It’s best not to pick up germs, so I carry a few of these on every trip. They’ve come in handy a number of times and they’re super light to add to a backpack or purse.
#3. Aleve
It’s not uncommon to fight a little hang over while on vacation, or to get a headache from a little bit too much time in the sun. If you bring your best headache medicine with you, you won’t have to worry about finding one while on the road. I prefer Aleve because you only have to take it every 12 hours.
#4. Aloe Vera
While most people don’t forget the sunscreen, some do forget the aloe vera. Especially if you’re fair skinned this is definitely somethign to carry with you on your trip. It will soothe any burn quickly and get you back to your active
I learned to carry bug spray the hard way. The first time I was scared into purchasing spray at a shack in the Riviera Maya. They said there would be a lot of mosquitos down up the trail, and I didn’t want to get attacked so I forced my husband to buy a tiny bottle of pesticides for $10 dollars…. Only to find that there were not mosquitos. A  year later I went to Jamaica and we were going to be traveling down a river. I didn’t want to fall for the false mosquito scare and I didn’t purchase th bug spray. When we got to the river it was infested with mosquitos. Ever since then, I carry my own NATURAL mosquito repellant.
I hope this helps make your next trip more enjoyable.

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