I live in the Bay Area and sometimes I take the beauty of my surroundings for granted. I realize however, that people come from all over the world to visit San Francisco, and I want to dedicate a few entries to suggest activities from a local perspective.

There are places that EVERYONE that comes to SF wants to visit, but are frankly a little over rated. The way I see it, when you go on vacation, it’s all about creating great experiences and less about following a crowd.

One of the places that my husband and I have in common from before we met is a well known bar at the edge of the Castro in San Francisco called Martunis (yes, that’s as close as it gets to a real webpage). We always talk about creating an agreement that if we ever separate we will each have rights to Martuni’s certain nights of the week.

This is a gay bar, but not one of those flamboyant places, it’s quiet, discreet, and a bit romantic. They have a piano/karaoke room in the back where you can sit and listen to music, and the owner is there the majority of the time.

Martunis is known for its martinis. You can always tell if there is a straight guy in the house because they normally walk in and order a beer. Not that gay guys don’t drink beer, but normally they don’t worry about looking too fem if they order a martini.

My Favorite’s:

The Cherry Blossom – You can’t have just one so be careful. It’s light and refreshing.

Martuni – Gin martini. Perfectly balanced. I haven’t had a vodka martini since I tried this drink.

Chocolate Martini- Tastes just like a tootsie roll (they should rename it) and it is a perfect dessert.

Side Car- For those looking to have a serious drink

Why go to Martuni’s? Check out their Yelp page

A great drink, a great crowd, and an excellent experience.

Not enough to convince you? Read the review from The San Francisco Bar Experiment

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